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Resources in Canada Post-Death Page

As pan-death alternatives are a very new development in Canada, we have only listed those which we are aware of.We hope to be able to eventually provide links to specific information for each of the provinces and territories.If you are aware of an alternative death-care service or supply being offered in your area, please let us know — contact us by email.   Information on the actual pan-death process (what/when/where/how) is covered under the Post-death Care/Home Funerals page.

One of CINDEA's mandates is to bridge the gap between pre-death and post-death services services that are rarely directly connected.We recognize that we are reinforcing that gap by offering pre-death and post-death resources on separate pages of this site.However, it was necessary to avoid the Resources in Canada pages from becoming too long.We hope that you will consider both the pre-death and post-death pages when looking for resources to plan your end-of-life affairs.Alternative death-care providers are listed in the brighter blue text.

  Symbol for CINDEA-recognized practitioners of death midwifery/pan-death guides.   Please contact us if you wish to go through the recognition process — see our CINDEA Recognition page.

CINDEA also has a 'training options' PDF including programs (or singular courses) in Canada (usually 'in person'), and online (but not necessarily Canadian) that are accessible for Canadians interested in the alternative death-care field.   Unfortunately, this PDF is out-of-date but to the exponential growth of training programs please contact us for further options.   CINDEA can provide the Canadian component (ex. Canadian laws/regulations) and support for Canadians taking any non-Canadian online training program.

Table of Contents for Canadian Resources

(click on any of the headings or sub-headings below to jump to that section)
(For pre-death resources, click here)

Primarily during/post death care

At-home Post-death Care & Home Funeral Guides
Alberta   British Columbia    Nova Scotia   Ontario   
Funeral Celebrants
Alberta     British Columbia     Ontario       Quebec    
Nova Scotia    Saskatchewan
Legal Information and Regulations
by Province and Territory
Further Post-death Care Information
    Funeral Consumer InformationInstructional Videos/Films
Other Useful Information


Natural/Green Burials (including Green Cremation, ashes spreading, burial at sea, etc.)
AlbertaBritish ColumbiaOntario         
Nova Scotia
Additional Natural/Green-friendly options for Remains
British Columbia     Saskatchewan       Quebec       Washington State
Eco-friendly Coffins/Shroud/Urns
  Doing It YourselfCanadian-based Products/Supplies/Info
Products and Supplies from Elsewhere
Funeral/Memorial Poems
On-line Memorial Services
Grief/Bereavement Counselling or Services (including infant and child deaths, and teenager bereavement support)
by province and territory



Directory of DWENA Practitioners

At-Home Post-Death Care and Home Funeral Guides — 'home funerals' may involve keeping the body at home after death, or returning it there from a hospital, hospice or long-term care facility (which is legal in most provinces); washing/dressing/etc. the body; and having viewings/wakes/vigils at home, as an option to using a funeral home.     Some funeral homes are supportive of home funerals and will offer 'a la carte' services (usually transportation and paperwork): they are listed below.


CINDEA Post-death Resources — Canada — listings for Home Funeral Guides and Pan-death Guides, and Funeral Celebrants


End of Life Pathways — St. Albert — family-directed post-death care, and funeral alternatives.   Contact Sarah Wourms by Email or Phone (587) 290-4465

Soul Passages Calgary — death and dying guide, home funeral guide, and funeral celebrant (for ceremonies both before and after death -- including grief)Free introductory video lessons and for-pay courses about pan-death issues.   Sarah Kerr Email or Phone 403-289-2230

British Columbia

Journeying Beyond — Victoria death midwifery services offering pan-death (before, during and after death) education and support to families, including home funeral and funeral celebrant services; as well as advance-care planning consultation, particularly comprehensive Advance Directives and Representation Agreements.     Pashta MaryMoon is available by phone, email or Skype for consultation     Email or Phone (250) 383-4065 and Facebook page

Moving Ceremonies — Victoria — funerals, 'celebrations of life', 'cremation witnessing', etc., as well as home funeral guidance and other death-related support services.   Contact Penny Allport at Email or phone 250.592.6400 (Cell) 604.803.4607
Sacred Journey Pathways New Westminister and area — home funerals, funeral celebrant, supporting families in child loss (including home funerals for them), and death education and support for children.    Contact Holly Milton online, Email or Phone (778) 709-9917
Salt Spring Island Home Funerals — Salt Spring Island — home funerals.   Contact Email or Phone (250) 537-0096
End of Life Matters White Rock/Surrey — End of Life doula services offering pan death education, emotional, spiritual and practical support to individuals and families in advance care plans, sitting vigil, legacies, home funerals and celebrations.   Contact Pamela Stadnyk at Email: or by phone 778-549-5260
and friendly funeral homes/directors that are willing to offer 'a la carte' services (transportation, paperwork, provide casket, etc)
KORU cremation/burial/ceremony Vancouver — funeral home supportive of DIY/home funerals, as well as 'a la carte' services (transport of the body, etc.).    Contact KORU online, Email, or Phone Vancouver (604) 324-8285 or North Vancouver (604) 770-1471
ANORA cremation/burial/ceremony Coquitlam — funeral home supportive of DIY/home funerals, as well as 'a la carte' services (transport of the body, etc.).    Contact ANORA online, or Phone Coquitlam (604) 475-7322
Ancient Burials Aldergrove — supportive of DIY/home funerals (see 'a la carte' services for home funeral towards the bottom of the page) Contact Ancient Burials online or Phone 1-800-888-2806
Evergreen Cremation Centre Ladysmith/Vancouver Island — supportive of home funeral, as well as 'a la carte' services.    Contact Evergreen Email or Phone Nanaimo (250) 591-8426, Ladysmith (250) 924-8484, Duncan (250) 597-8484
Earth's Options Victoria — funeral home supportive of DIY/home funerals, as well as 'a la carte' services (transport of the body, etc.).    Contact Earth's Options online, Email or Phone (778) 440- 8500

Nova Scotia

Death Matters Halifax — home funeral guide and funeral ceremony services (including pre/post-death 'celebration of life') as well as spiritual and personal care directives and on-going support for 'exit planning', regular 'end of life'-related film night, Death Cafes and development of green burials — Deborah Luscomb and Dawn Carson are available via email or Phone (902) 403-7590


Funeral Alternatives — Hamilton offering education sessions and individual consultations re after-death care and home funerals, green funeral and burial options, Ontario regulations pertaining to after-death care and burial.  Rochelle Martin is available by phone or email for consultation Email or Phone: (905) 746-3074

Barb Phillips — Cobourg — thanadoula and life-cycle celebrant services offering pan-death education and support to families for advance-care planning, home funerals, and funeral celebrant services.   Barb Phillips is available by phone, email or Skype for consultation   Email or Phone (705) 924-3763
Brigid's Balm — Smith Falls — thanadoula providing spiritual and emotional support for individuals and their families with regard to end of life care, via Advance Care Planning, thanadoula, legacy, home funerals, and funeral/other celebrant support (as well as local Death Cafes)   Debbie Seddon is available by email consultations Email, and WordPress blog
The Soul Circle — Waterloo/Wellington — Advance Care Planning, death doula/thanadoula, legacy projects, home funerals, pan-death ceremonies, grief support and a variety of 'energy therapies'.   Contact Krista Brenner at Email or Phone (519) 591-0494 (Call or Text)
End of Life Navigation London Pre and Post-death care support and education.    Contact Shannon Calvert via Email or Phone (519) 494-8851
Erin Bidlake — Ottawa/Gatineau — Vigilling, home funerals, and funeral/memorial ceremonies support.   Contact Erin Bidlake via Email, or Phone 613-260-5593
Death Doula Ottawa Ottawa caregiver support circles, Advance Care Planning, legacy work, vigilling, home funeral guidance, and grief support.   Contact Christiane Zeithammel, Lisa Rhoades, Debbie Charboneau, or Joey Ward via Online
Jenn Chalifoux, Tree Rings Death Doula Home Support — Thunder Bay and district area— Death Doula, Personal Support Worker, and Home Funeral Guide.   End of life /or older age preparing and planning with options of pairing personal support work, caregiver respite and guided /or hands-on home funeral support.   Call / text Jenn, 807-626-9633 or Email
Deathcare Kingston — in Kingston — Offering practical, heart-centered planning and support for end-of-life, death, and family-directed funerals.    Contact Aileen Stewart Email: or (613)-539-3610.
  and friendly funeral homes/directors that are willing to offer 'a la carte' services (transportation, paperwork, provide casket, etc)
  Circle of Life Dundas Ontario — Contact Circle of Life via Phone (905) 628-8558 or Fax (905) 628-0404


Funeral Celebrants — provide a funeral, memorial or celebration-of-life service that is highly personalized, to honour the personality, lifestyle and beliefs of the person who died   [Note: many pan-death guides and home funeral guides also offer funeral celebrant services as part of their pan-death services.]


Canadian Funerals On-line — general information on funeral celebrants, low-cost funerals, home funerals, etc.
Celebrant Foundation and Institute locator — for listings of Funeral (and other) Celebrants in Canada and U.S.
Certified Celebrants Association of Canada — listings of funeral celebrants, primarily for those available in Ontario but in other provinces as well


Soul Passages — Calgary integrative, personalized ceremonies to navigate the natural endings and transitions of life both during 'end of life'/pre-death, and for funerals/memorials.  Contact Sarah Kerr Email or Phone (403) 289-2230
Threshold Ceremonies Canmore — one-of-a-kind ceremonies for life’s significant occasions, including funerals, memorials, and celebrations of life.    Contact Barbara Parker Email or Phone H: (403) 678-5830 C: (403) 688-0039
Anam Care Soul Services — Airdrie — end-of-life planning, death doula and funeral celebrant.    Conact Daria Skibington-Roffel Email or Phone (403) 837-3078

British Columbia

Journeying Beyond — Victoria death midwifery and Advance-care Planning services, including personalized funeral/memorial services.    Contact Pashta MaryMoon via Email or Phone (250) 383-4065; Skype or Zoom consultation also available; Facebook page

Moving Ceremonies — Victoria — funerals, 'celebrations of life', 'cremation witnessing', etc., as well as home funeral guidance and other death-related support services.   Contact Penny Allport at Email or phone 250.592.6400 (Cell) 604.803.4607
Sandra Ollsin — Victoria and Vancouver Island offering funeral celebrant services and information.Contact Sandra Ollisin at Email or Phone (250) 592-7544 also see Sandra's "Between Worlds: Communication Perspectives of Female Funeral Celebrants in British Columbia An interactive, multimedia presentation"
Sacred Journey Pathways New Westminister and area — home funerals, funeral celebrant, supporting families in child loss (including home funerals for them), and death education and support for children.    Contact Holly Milton online, Email or Phone (778) 709-9917
Healing Through Ceremony Gabriola Island — End of Life Funeral and Grieving ceremonies (and other rites of passage) — healing-focused counselling, as well as a knowledge of the practicalities of a home funeral.   Contact Michele Fire-River Heart at online
Life Celebrant BC Richmond — funeral celebrant (including final blessing when the body is still home), scattering ceremonies, etc.    Contact Kimberley Evans by Email or Phone (604) 603-5540
New Narrative Memorials Vancouver — help families create personalized and meaningful Celebrations of Life on their own terms.  Contact Christina Andreola by Email or Phone / Text: +1 (778) 960 8782


Ready or Not Ottawa city and valley — life-cycle celebrant specializing in funerals/ end-of-life celebrations/ memorials — one-of-a-kind, personalized, memorable ceremonies.   Contact Julie Keon Email or Phone (613) 646-9912

Barb Phillips — Cobourg — Thanadoula and life-cycle celebrant services offering pan-death education and support to families for Advance-care Planning, home funerals, and funeral celebrant services.   Barb Phillips is available for consultation by Email or Phone (705) 924-3763
Funeral Alternatives — Hamilton 'End of Life' and home funeral guide services supporting families before, during, and after a death; and in saying good-bye, in whatever ways they find most meaningful.   Rochelle Martin is available by phone or email for consultation  Email or Phone (905) 746-3074 and Facebook page
Divine Heart Centre — Aurora/York — Sacred Ceremony for End of Life transition and spiritual last rites, Celebration of Life, memorials, funerals, and interment; as well as pastoral and spiritual care for bereavement.    Tracy Cox is available by phone or email for consultation Email or phone (289) 879-0177
Thresholds of Life — Carleton Place — life celebrant offering healing and memorial ceremonies Including: celebrations of life, funerals and memorials, loss of baby in utero, and stillbirth and early infant death, as well as other 'loss' ceremonies.    Patti Koeslag is available by phone or email for consultation Email or Phone (613) 699-2153 (h) or (613) 809-7115 (c)
Woven Threads – Handcrafted Ceremonies — Guelph — life-cycle celebrant creating meaningful, custom, secular or spiritual funerals, memorials, and celebrations of life as well as pre-death ritual support.   Contact Christine Lafazanos by Email or Phone/text at 519-823-0038 and Facebook Page
The Soul Circle — Waterloo/Wellington — Advance Care Planning, death doula/thanadoula, legacy projects, home funerals, pan-death ceremonies, grief support and a variety of 'energy therapies'.   Contact Krista Brenner at Email or Phone (519) 591-0494 (Call or Text)


Lorraine Cowan — South Shore of Montreal and surrounding areas — life cycle celebrant offering custom and personal end of life ceremonies and rituals including: celebrations of life, funerals and memorials, miscarriage, stillbirth, early infant death, ash scattering, interment as well as pet and other loss ceremonies.   Service includes accompanying bereaved to register the death with a funeral director as required by Quebec law.   Contact Lorraine Cowan by Email or by Phone (450) 659-2603.
Voluntas Commemorations — Montreal creative alternative to traditional funeral services, and offering aquamation Contact by Email, online or by phone 514-695-7979

Nova Scotia

Death Matters Halifax — home funeral guide and funeral ceremony services (including pre/post-death 'celebration of life') as well as spiritual and personal care directives and on-going support for 'exit planning', regular 'end of life'-related film night, Death Cafes and development of green burials — Deborah Luscomb and Dawn Carson are available via email or Phone (902) 403-7590


Karla Combres — Saskatoon and area — multilingual life-cycle celebrant, creating and performing custom ceremonies for the milestones of life.   Specializes in personalized, meaningful funerals, memorials, celebrations of life (pre- and post-death), home funerals, and other observances of loss.   Karla Combres is available by phone or email for consultation.   Email or Phone (306) 491-9176 and Facebook Page.

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Legal Information and Regulations


Vital Statistics — Death Certificate — all provinces and territories
Canadian Consumers Handbook (re funerals) for conventional options
Canadian Coroner and Medical Examiner Database
Access to Palliative Care in Canada CIHI (PDF) — see page 49 re Appendix C: Locations of death in Canada, and End of Life 2011_reportEN-kaV02.indd (PDF) re Acute In-Hospital Palliative Care Deaths, by Province
Community Deathcare Canada's graphic PDF explanations of what needs to be done post-death — Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba,

by Province and Territory      
[Note 1: we have included links for Consumer Protection Services and the office of the Coroner or Chief Medical Examiner, because they may be the best source of information for choosing to do post-death care yourself
including whether or not a permit is required to transport your deceased loved one.]  
[Note 2
: if you choose to deal with post-death care at home, including all documents/forms
given that our culture is used to having a funeral home formally deal with things, such as Registration of Death you will need to clarify to your Vital Statistics office that you are not using one and ask for the forms that the funeral home would usually address.   Ask for a supervisor at the Vital Statistics office, or someone who knows the law regarding not using the assistance of a funeral home.]

Alberta Saying Farewell - Alberta Health (PDF see page 19 for home funerals).
Registration of Death
and Death Certificate, and
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

Community Deathcare's Provincial Home Funeral Documentation Pathways
British Columbia

Government pages on "Dealing with Sudden Death" (PDF), Expected/Planned Home Deaths,
Notification of Expected Death in the Home (PDF), Registration of Death (available only directly through the Vital Statistics office), Death Certificate Application(PDF), and Death Certificate,
Consumer Protection contact info, Consumer Protection generalities re cemeteries and crematoriums
Information on Private Transport Permits [Notice "However, sometimes we get requests from individuals who wish to take personal responsibility for the transfer of remains of a loved one to a funeral home, crematorium or cemetery." which implies that the body may not go to a funeral home before being transported for final disposition] Private Transport Permit,
Private Property Burial Permits, Hierarchy of those allowed to make post-death decisions,
Governement offices that will help with death registration (where no Vit Stats office),
Funeral Service Association, and
Coroners Service Contact Info
plus Community Deathcare's Provincial Home Funeral Documentation Pathways

Manitoba Government "Dealing with Death", Registration of Death and forms, Dead Bodies Regulation (note: focus on special infectious disease no requirement to use funeral director),
Vital Statistics Act (see ""lay funeral director" definition) and
Death Certificate
Consumer Protection contact info
, and
The Role of the Chief Medical Examiner's Office
plus Community Deathcare's Provincial Home Funeral Documentation Pathways
Newfoundland/Labrador Death Certificate, and Coroner's Service
New Brunswick Death Certificate, and
Coroner Services
Community Deathcare's Provincial Home Funeral Documentation Pathways
Northwest Territories Government—Death Registration, Vital Statistics Act (PDF: see definition re 'funeral planner', and sections 60 and 61: representative of Vit Stats has confirmed that home funerals are allowed, no transport permit required; but as in most provinces, a burial permit is needed to transport)
Death Certificate (direct PDF download), and
Coroner's Service
Nova Scotia After the Loss of a Loved One, Preparing for Death and Dying (at home) [note: excellent, but doesn't include home funeral info], [statement from NS Vital Statistics "There is nothing in our Vital Statistics act that precludes a family member from transporting a body."]
Application for Death Certificate
, and
Office of the Chief Medical Examiner
Nunavut Application for Death Certificate, and
info for contacting the Office of the Chief Coroner
Ontario What to do when someone dies (info see "If you do not use a funeral service provider"), EDITH (Expected Death in The Home) form and information,
Consumer Information Guide to Funerals, Burials and Cremation services and form at Bereavement Authority of Ontario's A Guide to Death Care in Ontario (PDF) (see "Transporting the Dead Body" pg 7 and "Family-led Death Care: page 10) or Arrange a funeral, burial, alkaline hydrolysis, cremation or scattering (see "If you don't use a provider"), Family Access to Cremation Permits, Death Registration — Statement of Death and form (PDF), and Death Certificate and How to Apply, and
Coroner's Office
(Ask for or download 1. Warrant to Take Possession of the Body of a Deceased Person, and 2. Warrant to Bury the Body of a Deceased Person),
plus Community Deathcare's Provincial Home Funeral Documentation Pathways
Prince Edward Island Death Certificate, and

Government re general death information, What to do in the event of Death (PDF guide to death issues),
To Order a Death Certificate
Office of the coroner
(we couldn't find the English version, but you can google the page and have it translated)
Note: Quebec has more restrictions on home funerals than other provinces
see Sections 34 and 64 of Bill 66 and What to do in the event of death (and PDF version): see also Community Deathcare Quebec for developments

Saskatchewan Government "Dealing with Death", Saskatoon Health Nursing Manual PDF (see 3.24-5 re not using a funeral home), Funeral and Cremation Services Act PDF (see 4(2) re family transporting body), Funerals, Cremation & Burial (see 'burial' re not using funeral home), Funeral and Cremation Services Council of Saskatchewan (see 'can I perform any funeral services myself?),
order Death Certificate
Consumer Protection, and
Office of the Chief Coroner
plus Community Deathcare's Provincial Home Funeral Documentation Pathways

Public Guardian and Trustee, Preparing for death: a guide for caregivers (see "after death")
Death Certificate, and
Coroner's Service

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Further Post-Death Care Information

Canadian Funeral Consumer Information

Memorial Society of BC — listings for all of the Memorial Societies in Canada (see right side menu), as well as other BC and Canada-wide death-related resources

Canadian Funerals OnLine Guide and Directory of providers information (by province and territory) on funeral homes and the funeral industry
Canadian Consumer Handbook Funerals general information re the funeral industry
Funeral Service Association of Canada — general information on the Canadian funeral industry
TalkDeath — its mission is to encourage positive and constructive conversations around death and dying.   Although our awareness of the issues and needs surrounding death is growing, it is still not considered appropriate “dinner table talk.
Consumer Protection BC Can I be buried on the family farm? Information on home burial in BC

Instructional Videos/Films
[Note: Muslims also have several YouTube videos on their traditional form of washing and shrouding the body]

CINDEA "Post-death Care at Home" Video Series 5 short videos, covering all the major aspects of post-death care (washing and dressing the body, moving it around, and shrouding) videos have a companion PDF with more detailed instructions, and a General Timeline PDF with 'what to do when and where (re paperwork)
Home Funeral Videos YouTube videos on post-death care by Donna Belk and Beyond Hospice
A Family Undertaking film for education on home funerals, in part chronicling a rancher family's home funeral also available through Fanlight Productions
In the Parlour: the Final Goodbye documentary on several 'home deaths/funerals', and their effect on the family and friends
Shrouding the body — Thanks to Immarama
How to Wrap a Body in a Shroud — for natural burial

Other Useful Information

Natural Transitions Magazine — regular editions with articles on conscious, holistic approaches to end of life and death (free e-version available to subscribers) including some Canadian articles
Institute of Traditional Medicine Toronto, Ontario Contemplative 'End of Life' care training (click on "Professional Programs", then "Contemplative End of Life Care program' and then its sub-menu for further information)
Dying Consciously Program/Teachers directory of teachers in Canada, as well as Australia, Canada, Hong Kong, Mexico, Netherlands, Norway, Switzerland, U.S.A, and the U.K.
Dying into Love — website of free and paid videos focused on 'conscious dying', or 'personal healing while dying' (vidoes by Ram Dass, Joan Halifax, Dale Borglum, Bodhi Be, and others as well as articles, mediations, etc.)
ComfortDying extensive information on end-of-life, death and dying (including a long list of books on the subject)

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Natural/Green Burials — burials that don't include embalming the body, any non-biodegradable parts to the coffin, cement grave liners, etc.The body is allowed to return to the cycle of life, and the graves are usually maintained as a reclaimed indigenous eco-system. [Note: a full body burial at sea is also a 'green' burial, but logistically prohibitive and expensive in Canada. See 'Burial at Sea' below.]


Green Burial Society of Canada — promoting green burials, list of providers/cemeteries throughout Canada (see approved cemeteries)
  Natural Burial Association (of Canada) — association to further the development of green burial grounds in Canada
Funeral Service Association of Canada Burial at Sea Burial at Sea falls under the Disposal at Sea permitting provisions of the Canadian Environmental Protection Act list of Disposal at Sea regional offices
Green Burial Council — developing eco-friendly end-of-life rituals; protecting the legitimate benefits of environmentally sustainable deathcare; and using burial as a means of acquiring, restoring, and stewarding natural areas; registry of certified funeral providers, cemeteries, and cremation disposition programs for the U.S. and Canada
  Finding a Provider — listed by names of providers in alphabetical order —  A-N and O-Z (Green Burial Sites, Green Funeral Homes, and Approved Products)
The Natural End Map — connecting families with funeral directors, cemeteries and service providers offering simpler, more natural end-of-life options. Find a provider (by province/territory) through the side menus[note: 'search' function doesn't work]; and Biodegradable Coffins, Eco Friendly Caskets, and Ash Burial Urns for North America see store (including shrouding boards)
Seven Ponds — excellent review of the ecological impacts of conventional death practices at Environmental Impact of Death page
Living Reef Memorial The Living Reef memorial is an eternal legacy of everlasting life to the world and to the souls we leave behind.    Where available    and kinds of Reef Memorials
Green Burial Cemeteries in the US and Canada — a directory of green burial grounds across the world, including Canada (see green background listings at the end of the page)


Hodych, Anastasia — Disturbing Ground: A Socio-environmental Model for the Green Cemetery — in Manitoba, University of Manitoba, Department of Landscape Architecture, MLA 2004.Email:
Grasslands at Royal View Memorial Cemetery Lethbridge offers green burials   Email
Meadows at Rosehill Cemetery Edmonton — green burial intention "the grounds will have fully returned to the meadow that it previously was."   Phone: 1 (780) 434-5433

British Columbia

Royal Oak Burial Park, The Woodlands — Victoria — offers green burials (as well as 'hybrid burials', which use a cement liner on top of the grave, but otherwise natural/biodegradable materials) — the first green burial ground in Canada
Memorial Society of B.C. — working on a range of green burial options, as described on its website.Contact: Memorial Society of BC, 205 - 640 West Broadway Vancouver BC V5Z 1G4;Tel: (604) 733-7705 or 1-888-816-5902 (24/7); Email
Denman Island Natural Burial Cemetery — Denman Island, BC — the first contemporary cemetery in Canada that is exclusively green.   Please note that graves are only available to Denman Island residents and immediate family.   Excellent information available about the process of Denman Island Memorial (non-profit) society, as a model for other small communities.   Contact DINBC (online) or by mail at 6400 Denman Rd, Denman Island, BC V0R 1T0
Mountain View Cemetery Vancouver — hybrid green cemetery which means that the Cemetery allows biodegradable urns, caskets, and shrouds and does not require casket vaults and liners or the process of embalming.   It also allows for more than one casket to be buried in each grave.   Email or Phone: 604-325-2646

Green Burial Garden, Heritage Garden Cemetery South Surrey — home to our very own pollinator meadow with two resident bee hives.  Email   Phone: 604-538-0074

Salt Spring Island Natural Cemetery Salt Spring Island — Coastal Douglas Fir forest, with Fir and Maple; protecting the land in perpetuity — the first fully green burial ground in Canada to be open to the public.
Yates Memorial Services — Parksville and Port Alberni — offers green burials, including double depth green burial (2 internments per grave)   Email for both sites   Phone Parksville 1-250-248-5859, Phone Port Alberni 250.723.5859 Toll Free for both sites 1-877-264-3848
Living Reef Memorial Gulf Islands/Georgia Strait locations cremains are eternally preserved within a scientifically engineered artificial reef designed to be forever permanent and vital to the success of this marine habitat rehabilitation project.
Green Burial News BC — development of new green or hybrid graveyards
Natural Burial in B.C. list of current green burial grounds in B.C.
Consumer Protection BC Can I be buried on the family farm? Information on home burial in BC

Nova Scotia

Sunrise Park Inter-Faith Cemetery — Hatchet Lake/Halifax — offers green burials    Email Phone:902-880-4944


Cobourg Union Cemetery Eco Burials — Cobourg Union — offers green burials (the first in Ontario)
The Glenwood Cemetery — Picton — offers green burials   Email Phone 613-476-3511
Meadowvale Cemetery, Natural Burial Section Brampton — offers green burials 
Duffin Meadows Pickering, ON — offers natural burial options
Wartman Funeral Home — Kingston and Napanee areas — offers Aquamation (liquid cremation, alkali hydrolysis) and green burials   Kingston Phone 613-634-3722,  Napanee Phone 613-634-3722   Email for both areas
St. John’s Public Cemeter Niagara — offers natural burials   Email   Phone 905-641-5945 or 905-933-8578
Parkview Cemetery Waterloo has a new green burial option   Phone 519-725-9280
Good, Green Death Project developing Recomposition in Ontario (human composting final disposition option)
Eco Funeral multiple locations in ON and some eco-coffins

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Additional Natural/Green-Friendly Options for the Remains (Alkaline Hydrolysis, green embalming, outdoor funeral pyres, scattering/burial of ashes, etc.) — more to come as it becomes available

CANADA (unfortunately several Canadian Alkaline Hydrolysis/Aquamation options have been withdrawn)

Cremation Association of North America provides information on Alkaline Hydrolysis (also called Resomation, Aquafication, or Bio-cremation) in Canada.    This option to fire cremation operates by dissolving, rather than burning, the body; and is significantly more eco-friendly.

British Columbia

Aquamation BC Coalition working towards making Alkaline Hydrolysis available in BC



Morris Funeral Chapel's Newcastle Funeral Home offers bio-cremation/Aquamation



Funeral LeSieur — Granby and Waterloo — both offer Bio Cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis) option to fire cremation.   
Residence Funeraire (in French only) Abitibi-Témiscamingue (western border with Ontario) offers Aquamation (another name for Alkaline Hydrolysis) to all residents of Quebec.
Voluntas — Kirkland — offers Bio Cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis)



Gray's Funeral Chapel — Prince Albert — offers the Bio Cremation (Alkaline Hydrolysis) option to fire cremation.   

Washington state

Return Home — Auburn, WA — offers Terramation (Natural Organic Reduction, composting bodies) and can accept Canadian bodies until we have our own Recomposition.   


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Eco-friendly Coffins/Shrouds/Urns

Doing It Yourself
6 Designs for Shrouds — written and graphic instructions (by CINDEA)
Last Things: Alternatives at the End of Life blueprints and instructions for making your own coffin
WikiHow: How to Make a Coffin blueprints and instructions for making your own coffin [Note: it would need to be revised to be used in a green burials ground — no paint, metal,etc. — nothing that isn't biodegradable]
Shelves for Life blueprints available for a bookcase (usable during life) that reassembles into a coffin
Build Your Own Coffin — coffin blueprints (PDFs) or fits, variations for green burials
  Also see various YouTube videos on making your own casket
TheSoulCircle — shrouds (made from CINDEA designs) prepared for you to sew yourself or ready-made
Canadian-based Products and Supplies (or information)
Rawganique willow-hemp caskets — made on Denman Island, British Columbia — handmade and completely eco-friendly, can be ordered in specific sizes and shipped world-wide
Evergreen Coffins — Royston, B.C. — made with a mix of sustainably grown Vancouver Island softwoods: spruce, hemlock, pine and fir; as carbon neutral as possible, so we use no metals or plastic, plywood or toxic glues, and only untreated Manilla hemp rope for the handles; no finishes to our coffins, leaving the wood the way nature made it.   Evergreen Coffin kits are flat packed for easy shipping and assembly.
Casket Depot — Toronto, Ontario — have inexpensive plain cardboard caskets which you can buy one at a time
Imperial Evergreen — Port Coquitlam, BC rebuilding their site but have offered a range of ecological urns and a few caskets in the past.   Note: if you use the code "CINDEA" when checking out, you will get 10% off the item (not including shipping costs or taxes)
Fiddlehead Caskets — New Brunswick — "simple pine box" hand-made caskets — made from locally sourced pine, re-purposing the wood shavings from the milling process to fill an unbleached cotton mattress and pillow; available throughout the Maritime Provinces.   Option to build yourself with a casket kit.   Contact Master Craftsman Jeremy Burrill via email for specifics on shipping the casket outside of the Maritimes.
Ecofuneral Ontario — especially for inexpensive cardboard caskets and more eco shrouds and more casket options
TheSoulCircle — shrouds (made from CINDEA designs) prepared for you to sew yourself or ready-made
Cedar Creek Caskets Facebook page Nanaimo, BC — Phone 250-816-0464 for more information
Selecting a casket or an urn – know your rights (Consumer Protection BC)
Mprint — Acheson, Alberta — will customize a casket with beautiful designs — ask about using cardboard caskets Phone 587.597.1310
Products and Supplies from Elsewhere
Natural Burial Products — U.S.A., and available in Canada — coffins-catalogue shipped directly to clients in U.S.A. or Canada
Passages International — U.S.A — specializes in eco-friendly funeral products, including caskets.    Note: this is a wholesale company, but you can order a casket via CINDEA and have it shipped directly to you (plain cardboard or the 6-point bamboo casket will be the least expensive to ship -- assembly required).
Coeio — U.S.A. — producer of the Infinity Mushroom Shroud (and other products), designed to remove toxins from the decaying body to make a green burial even greener (but not proven)
Eco-pod — U.K., and can be shipped to Canada — distributor for North America is the Natural Burial Company, Oregon   Note: Eco-pods may be produced in Oregon in the near future (see Eco-pod North America)
Natural Funeral Company — Australia, and available in Canada — Eco-Weave casket (from bamboo) and other products — 71 Colin Shaw Lane, Ponsonby 1011, Auckland
My Alternatives Canada/BC — cardboard caskets (note: many cemeteries will allow cardboard caskets for green burial)
Green Burial Council check Finding a Provider on top menu for range of approved green products and providers (includes some Canadian ones)
Natural Endings — UK— range of eco caskets, good for ideas but doesn't ship to Canada

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Funeral/Memorial Poems

Elegant Memorials — poems for various family members
En~chanting Beyond — death poetry page
Eulogy Speech — grief poems and eulogy verses from various well-known poets
Famous Poets and Poems — for funerals/memorials
Funeral Etiquette — information/links on poems, liturgy, etc. for various kinds of religious (and other) funeral/memorials
Funeral Guide Poems — several well-known death poems
Poem Searcher Funeral Helper — non-religious funeral/memorial poems
World Prayers Site (search 'death') — a wide and diverse list of death poems

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On-line Memorial Services
Note that many newspapers now offer on-line memorial services if an obituary is placed in their paper, although you may need to specifically ask for it.Some funeral homes may also provide this service.

On-line memorial services make it possible for family members and friends
especially those who lived at a distance, and/or were otherwise unable to attend the funeral/memorial to share their memories, and celebrate the life, of the person who has died.Those listed below are only a sampling of those available free of charge.Others are easily Googled; and for a small charge, offer a more extensive website tribute, the ability for family and friends to add tributes, and/or maintenance the site for at least a year's time or more.

EverPlans (multiple options) Gathering Us Keeper
Forever Missed We Remember Ever Loved
InMemori Much Loved Remembered
NeverGone Parting Wishes Respectance

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Grief/Bereavement Counselling and Services (see also Canadian Hospice/Palliative Care and check if your local Hospice has grief counselling available)


Canadian Professional Counsellors Association choose your province under 'Province' and 'grief counselling' under 'Counselling Approaches'
Canadian Centre for Bereavement Education and Grief Counselling 49 Gloucester Street, Toronto, Ont. Educates professionals who are working with the dying and the bereaved as well as providing counselling services and resources for those who grieve. Telephone: 416-926-0905
Canadian Association for Spiritual Care (pastoral counselling)
The Centre for Grief Journey wide range of books, videos, meditations, discussion forums, and seminars for grieving people -- including a online support forum called Among Friends
Canadian Mental Health Association Branch locations — across the country — many branches offer grief/bereavement support
Theravive Therapist Directory — listings by province and cities (check individual listings for grief/bereavement or end-of-life counselling)

Canadian Directory of Hospice Palliative Care Services Directory of Services — most of which will have grief/bereavement support programs

Canadian Mental Health Association Grieving — general information
The Lifeline Canada Foundation — resources for grief and bereavement by province/territory
Canadian Alliance For Grieving Children and Youth — links to resources for all provinces/territories — is an online resource to help people work through their grief from the comfort of their own home, at their own pace. It was developed by family members who’ve “been there,” and grief experts.
  General Grief/Bereavement Resources
Canadian Virtual Hospice Gallery — under Grief and Loss — articles and videos, as well as discussion forums for the grieving, including children
Room 217 Foundation — useful products pan-death
  Bereaved Families of Ontario Affiliates (resources coming soon)
  Specially for grieving children
Kids Grief supported by Canadian Virtual Hospice Gallery
Canadian Alliance For Grieving Children and Youth — links to resources for all provinces/territories
Specially for grieving teenagers
What's Your Grief — for teenagers as well as other family groups/issues
Canadian Alliance For Grieving Children and Youth — links to resources for all provinces/territories
  Specifically for the deaths prenatal, stillborn, infants or children
Baby Steps Infant Loss
The Compassionate Friends (when a child dies) — see province branches under 'chapters' — offers support in the grief and trauma which follows the death of a child, no matter the age or cause
CLIMB (the Center for Loss in Multiple Birth), Inc — International group, including Canadians — providing support for all who have experienced the death of one or more of their twins, or higher multiple-birth children, at any time from conception through birth, infancy and early childhood.
Empty Cradle Pregnancy and Infant Loss Support, Education and Remembrance, only available in BC
Canadian Resource Centre for Victims of Crime
Theravive — overcoming loss and death, grief counseling — plus directory of therapists for Canada by province (includes U.S.A. by state as well)
A Heartbreaking Choice supports women who have made the "Heartbreaking Choice" to terminate a much wanted pregnancy — includes Canadian resources under 'Local Counselors and Support Groups' (do a 'find' for Canada — local groups in Mississauga, Ontario: Wednesday's Child; North York, Ontario: North York General Hospital; Vancouver, British Columbia: Empty Cradle)

Specifically for those choosing or witnessing MAiD

  MAiD Family Support – Formerly Bridge 4 You – compassionate, lived-experience support and connection to people helping a loved one who is considering or planning for Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) or those who are grieving a loss due to MAiD.
  And other concerns
Pet Loss Partners support groups

by Province and Territory

Alberta Alberta Health Services re Grief support
Red Deer Hospice ‘Good Grief’ support group,
Alberta chapter of Compassionate Friends
British Columbia

Living Through Loss Counselling Society of BC information, counselling and referrals where necessary, BC Bereavement Helpline, Lower Mainland Grief Recovery Society,
Mission Hospice Society Bereavement Support & Resources, Prince George Hospice Rainbows Child Grief Support , Broken Circle and Grief and Grub for Guys, North Okanagan Hospice Society Grief and Bereavement Services,
BC chapter of Compassionate Friends


Canadian Mental Health Association Manitoba branches,
Palliative Manitoba Bereavement,
Manitoba chapter of Compassionate Friends

Newfoundland/Labrador Newfoundland chapter of Compassionate Friends
New Brunswick Canadian Mental Health Association New Brunswick branches,
Hospice southeast New Brunswick
(scroll down), Canadian Alliance for Grieving Children and Youth, New Brunswick chapter of Compassionate Friends
Northwest Territories Virtual Hospice NWT resources, Theravive Grief and Loss Counselling in Yellowknife and other cities, EMental Health NWT,
Nova Scotia

E-Mental Health NS grieving, Caregivers NS Association Grief & Bereavement, 211 Nova Scotia Grief and Bereavement Support, Grief Therapists in Nova Scotia, Virtual Hospice Grief NS, Hospice Halifax Grief and Loss (resources beyond Halifax)

Nunavut Virtual Hospice Nunavut grief resources, E-Mental Health grief, and Kamatsiaqut Helpline
Ontario Canadian Mental Health Association Ontario branches,
Bereavement Ontario Network — directory,

Bereaved Families of Ontario affliliates, Ontario Caregiver Organization grief, AIDS Bereavement and Resiliency Program of Ontario , Ontario chapter of Compassionate Friends, Bereaved Families Ontario Kingston online resources (forum and chat room) for teenagers
Prince Edward Island Canadian MentalHealth Association Prince Edward Island branches,
Hospice Palliative Care Association of PEI
Quebec Quebec chapter of Compassionate Friends, Grief Therapists in Quebec, Canadian Alliance for Grieving Children and Youth Quebec
Saskatchewan Canadian Mental Health Association Saskatchewan branches,
Sask. Health Authority Palliative Care Services and The Bereavement Centre on bereavement,
Sask. chapter of Compassionate Friends
Yukon Hospice Yukon Society bereavement support

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