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Introduction to CINDEA

CINDEA is a Canadian-based organization, which respects the wisdom of ancient death traditions and encourages the renewal of older death practices that are appropriate to our modern-day life.   In the past, communities cared for their own dying folk; and creatively adapted, that approach to death is still an option available to us.   CINDEA 's perspective is one of a wide range of initiatives that are drawing our culture into a deeper relationship with nature and the cycles of life and death — the modern version of "a good death" for all involved in it.

We are committed to the unfolding development of the wholistic Pan-death Movement, including Death Midwifery (which largely parallels Birth Midwifery) and related death-care roles/practices.   Clarifications of these roles, and what they are called, is in its infancy — therefore, we have offered definitions of several alternative death-care roles, and we support the networking of various kinds of end-of-life practitioners.   Our site also provides comprehensive dying and death resources — some conventional, though mostly focused on those that are less well-known.

Throughout the site, you will see the word "pan-death" frequently used: it is our way of simply saying "across the whole of the spectrum of dying and death care" (before, during and after death).

We invite you to read through this site and hope that you will find what you are looking for.   We welcome your questions, feedback and participation in refining and promoting this significant mission at contact us.

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Navigating this Site

Further clarification of the CINDEA site as a whole can be found at our site map, which includes full headings of each pages' sections.   A futher page on Greening Death is planned for the near future.

A quick summary of the CINDEA site is always available on the left menu or through the site map,
or you can search this site for any word or phrase.

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Upcoming Events

By My Own Heart and Hands" —
a 'basics in home funerals'

Victoria, BC, Canada March 27/28, 2015

Contact us for further information or to register the workshop will be limited to 13 participants

[Note: the January 2015 Saltspring Island workshop has been postponed until summer or early fall.]


National Advance Care Planning Day April 16th

Do you have an event planned for April 16th?    Let Speak Up know. They have free posters, infographics, ad templates, workbooks and more available to download on their website.


Vital Conversations: Dialogues on Living and Dying Well webinar

Pashta MaryMoon (director of CINDEA) will be the guest speaker for the Vital Conversations webinar on April 16th the Canadian National Advance Care Planning day "What is The Pan-Death Movement? And Why is it Important?"
You can sign up on the website to receive an email reminder of the webinar via the 'leave a reply' box,
or sign up for this participatory webinar directly.

East Coast Home Funeral Family Sought for New Yorker Video

The New Yorker is looking for families anywhere on the east coast who intend to do a home funeral in the near future and would be willing to be part of a video on this subject.    The National Home Funeral Alliance is mediating with them and other media who are interested in writing articles or developing videos on this subject as well as ensure that the rights of the famiy are protected.   
 Email Lee Webster, if your famiy are interested in participating.

Recent Events

By My Own Heart and Hand —
basics in home funerals
” workshop

CINDEA and Journeying Beyond co-sponsored a “By My Own Heart and Hand — basics in home funerals” workshop that took place in Vancouver and Surrey BC on September 13-14, 2014.   The event included an evening showing of “A Family Undertaking” and discussion, and a full-day workshop the next day — which included ‘hands on’ practice in post-death care, and a review of both the required paperwork and the general timeline of ‘what is done when’.

Washing the Body

Preparing to Move the Body using only a Bedsheet

This introductory workshop is primarily intended to help families in preparing for, and planning, a home funeral.    However, it was also an opportunity for other alternative death-care practitioners to better understand the basics of a home funeral, as it might relate to the experience of their future clients — as well as being the practicum for two BC Beyond Hospice students.    Many thanks to the evolving BC lower-mainland community for helping to organize this workshop.   Further workshops are being planned.

CINDEA 's "Post-death Care At Home" video series

CINDEA now has a series of 5 short separate"Post-death Care At Home" videos on our Post-Death Care and Home Funerals page — including Moving the body; Washing the hair, face and mouth; Washing the body; Dressing the body, and Closing the eyes and mouth; and Moving the body into casket, or Shrouding the body.    We also have an updated PDF on Post-death Physical Care (available for download just below the video thumbnails) — which includes detailed step-by-step instructions on 'how to', as well as a list of supplies required.

These videos and instructions — as well as the General Timeline PDF (including legal paperwork required) — are intended to support families/friends in caring for their own loved ones at home after death.

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Post-Death Care at Home as Extended Caregiving, written by the co-directors of CINDEA  for the Caregiving Matters website — see "Caregiver News", under the categories "Financial & Legal", "Funeral Planning", "Grief & Loss", or "Remembering".

"DIY Funeral Care: Family-directed Post-death Care and Funerals (often called ‘home funerals’)", written by the co-directors of CINDEA  for the Canadian Funerals Online website.

The field of alternative, wholistic death care is still very new in Canada, and its terminology is still evolving.  Here are two articles on the eHospice website which offer differing opinions:

"Defining the Role of the Death Midwife", written by the co-directors of CINDEA.

"What is Death Midwifery", written by Cassandra Yonder.

Death Midwifery in Canada is a podcast interview with Pashta MaryMoon, by Lynn Thompson, the radio host of "Living on Purpose" (web link).

Recent Canadian news

‘It Takes a Village to Die Well’  [Alberta] Death midwife seeks to reclaim death as relational, 'soul' experience — January 15, 2015

A Soft Goodbye [Alberta] How a death midwife helped the author and her family grieve the loss of a cherished relative — February 23, 2015

The rise of the death doula: Counselling, forgiveness rituals, at-home funerals — death midwives provide end-of-life spiritual care for the secular [Macleans magazine] — March 15, 2015

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Mission Statement

CINDEA (Canadian Integrative Network for Death Education and Alternatives) has been created to:

  provide information and educational resources, focused on a broad spectrum of options throughout the pan-death process (before, during and after death),
  promote pan-death options that are more natural, personalized and/or ecologically-responsible,
  support the networking of those who offer related services in Canada, and
  encourage the acceptance of death as a natural part of the cycle of life,

in order to integrate all of the facets of the pan-death process.


Vision Statement

CINDEA's purpose is to:

  support the modern movement to re-integrate death into the 'cycle of life' in a healthy way within our culture
  inform the public of existing options for the pan-death process that they may not be aware of
  encourage the expansion of pan-death options which are less institutionalized and more personalized to the values of the Death Journeyer and their family
  support all the required elements of 'dying at home' (including at-home after-death care), as well as encourage care facilities to make more personalized options available within their facility
  encourage the integration of services available before, during and after death
  support the developing movement of Death Midwives, and establish a process to recognize Death Midwives who offering pan-death services in Canada — as well as other alternated service providers who offer more specialized services within the pan-death process
  encouraging the networking of pan-death service providers, and public accessibility to them
  support options for natural death, Green Burials, and other ecologically-conscious 'end of life' practices.

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Mailing List for CINDEA  Updates

If you wish to be put on our mailing list for occasional updates on CINDEA' s development, or notification of workshops and presentations, please contact us.   Updates go out once per season.

If you no longer wish to receive these updates, please let us know and we will remove you from the list.
Be assured that we will not share your contact information with anyone without your permission.

CINDEA is now on Facebook — with updates as they happen.

CINDEA is a member of the National Home Funeral Alliance based in the U.S., but with international alternative death-care practitioner listings.    

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